So, if you haven’t already seen me being awkward and talking into my phone, Harness Community Magazine recently asked me to take over their Instagram stories for a morning. They asked me to do a home/DIY project and I decided to give an old dresser some new life as a buffet in our kitchen.

Harness Community Magazine

In case you haven’t been on Pinterest lately, dressers in the kitchen or dining room are definitely becoming a “thing.” Some people are using them as coffee bars or a replacement for the ever-popular bar cart.

Dresser Redo Pinterest

Repurposed Dresser Pinterest

Well, I’ve been pregnant for what seems like forever so a place to store liquor isn’t a priority in this house lol. This pretty little thing will probably be my houseplant home and a catch all for spare dishes, books, and the kids’ art supplies.

Before: tired but well loved dresser

There are some scratches and gashes but overall, it’s still a sturdy dresser

This dresser came from my husband’s family’s old farmhouse and it used to belong to his uncle. He used to store ammo and spare tractor parts in it lol. The two drawer pulls on the right are much lighter from his repeated use.

We used it for baby clothes for a hot minute but we’ve gained more bedroom storage and don’t need it upstairs anymore.

Dresser deconstruction

This was pretty simple. Just pull the drawers out. We picked up some cheap MDF board at Home Depot and cut it to the right dimensions. The dresser itself has a lip on the edge that keeps the board from sliding out so we skipped nailing it down. (I doubt the dresser was built like that but after 70+ years and several moves the wood has shifted a bit.

Paint the shelves

I went back and forth with the colors but decided on this moody green.

I left the some of the wood in the back natural and I seriously love the contrast.

Stain the dresser

I also touched up some of the worn spots and gashes with a wood stain. ***a little goes a long way with stain!

This was already patched with wood putty so I just took a clean rag to apply the stain over it.

And that’s it! Some new boards, fresh paint, and stain and we have a pretty new addition to our kitchen that fits with my granny-chic decor. ❤️

Finished dresser to buffet DIY