I had big plans…and then I decided smaller plans might be more attainable this go around lol.

So I decided to spruce up this weird wall space in the “hall” that leads to our basement.

Empty Wall Space

Once upon a time, there were doors here and the kitchen and living space were chopped up. (Thank goodness we didn’t have to do the work to open it all up 🙌🏼)


But…I still really craved more craftsman charm and this weird space framed by lots of trim felt naked. {insert wallpaper}

Where to Buy

So I looked on Amazon. Then I looked at Target. Then came Etsy but, lawd have mercy, I was not dropping that kind of cash for just a small project. Sooo back to Amazon and I found a Scandinavian print that reminded me of a few pricier arts & crafts styles I saw on Etsy. It’s Nuwallpaper peel & stick.

Obviously, the husband was not on board for this loud print, but who’s driving this bus, right? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Wallpaper Application

It took lots of cutting and lots of matching the pattern to fill this space. I underestimated how much matching I’d have to do but we got there…

I suggest a razor blade or an X-acto knife to trim around the woodwork. A squeegee or plastic paint scraper works wonders for smoothing bubbles too.

I just started at one corner and peeled the backed off at a 45 degree angle as I pressed the wallpaper onto the wall. Simple as that!

***lesson learned*** DO NOT peel too much of the backing off before you’re ready. The paper will stick to itself and screw it up beyond repair once it’s wrinkled.

Yay Wallpaper!

Needless to say, I’m pretty pleased with this snazzy new wall and it doesn’t feel overwhelming since it’s just a small space.

And I definitely see more wallpaper in my future.