It’s been a hot minute since I posted here and looking back at my “2020, Please Don’t Suck” entry makes me gag a little. It’s laughable. I had no idea how bad 2020 was going to be.

Well, it wasn’t entirely bad. It was more like Salt Bae gave us a dash of crummy stuff to go with moments so happy we thought we might burst. We had a surprise pregnancy, delivered the sweetest boy into the world, and I have been working my bootayyy off. Between juggling three kids, a house, and our bills, I managed to ghostwrite 3, count em, THREE projects this year. I also wrote countless articles for a parenting site, published a number of short stories, became a regular reader for a lit journal, and scrapped my own novel in favor of a much better idea.

Yes, I know. How will anyone know you did it since it’s a ghostwriting project. Well, let me tell you, it was the biggest boost to my confidence in writing. Writing another person’s idea lets all those pesky doubtful thoughts fall away.

Now, they weren’t the longest books by any means. I’m not talking Tolkien-level word count. But, they were substantial enough that I learned to schedule writing time and stick to it. Oh, and the money didn’t hurt. It kept me pushing through each deadline happily.

In the process, I’ve received valuable hours of mentorship, experience in editing, and learning what writing style works best for me. News flash: I still fly by the seat of my pants way too often. We’re working on it.

Oh, and another thing happened. I’ve managed to funnel enough into my Paypal account, that I feel pretty legitimate when I call myself a writer. Cue a distinguished headshot pose complete with a tweed jacket and chessboard.

You guys, I’ve had three CONSTANT clients for a year now, plus the odd project here and there. They haven’t fired me, laughed at my work, or told me to find a new day job either. That’s pretty marketable, if you ask me. I’ll probably just steal that line and slap it on the top of my CV.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, this blog is morphing into a writing page for my portfolio and services. Oh, and I’ll still be rambling on here. What else is a stay-at-home mom to do when the most coherent conversation I had today involved my preschooler asking me why trees don’t have legs? Basically, you’ll have less mom stuff and more writing. In fact, you can probably look for a post that explains how I got into freelance and how I started making money.

Yes, money…and no, I didn’t join a pyramid scheme.