Thanks for stopping by! If you’re new here, this is a website dedicated to my freelance writing and blog. You’ll be able to view my portfolio, available services, and blog updates all in one place. Oh, and if you’re wondering why this site is called “Here at Jefferson House,” scroll down for a little background on this beauty I’ve been working to fill for the last year.

This is the Jefferson house. We purchased this beauty from Organelly Homes, located in Point Pleasant, WV. This Craftsman was built in 1900 and captured our hearts as soon as we stepped inside. For the most part, all the work was done for us but we’ve found plenty of small projects to keep us busy, both on the inside and out.

On the blog portion of this site, I’ll be sharing our DIYs, my quirky decor, and plenty of parenting truths (since that takes up 99.9% of my life).

Thanks for taking a look and follow me on Instagram if you don’t already!

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